In essence, book culture is an indicator of the level of a state’s technological development, and shows the intellectual potential of its people,as well as the creative potential withinparticular territoriese.

In 2007 the Foundation established the Krasnoyarsk annual book fair, regarding it as a central educational project in the Krasnoyarsk District. Over time, the fair has been transformed into the largest event in the Russian's book community calendar, and has given life to a whole area of the Foundations work.

  • Grant for the purchase of books from publishers and Book Fair exhibitors in order to broaden the library collections of libraries in the Krasnoyarsk Province.
  • At the end of March, and the beginning of April an analytical project seminar will be presented, titled The New Role of Libraries in Education, for library staff in the Siberian, Urals and Far-Eastern geographic Federal divisions of Russia.
  • The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation (The Charitable Foundation for Cultural Initiatives) announces an open charitable competition for the financing of socio-cultural projects in libraries. The primary concern of this competition are projects aimed at supporting education, education programs, and specific study courses.
  • The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation presents the support program for the translation of russian literature"TRANSCRIPT".
  • The XIII Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair will take place on November, 4-8, 2020.

  • The NOS Annual Literature Prize was founded by the Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation to discover and support new trends in contemporary Russian fiction.'