Mikhail Prokhorov Fund is the general partner of The Pavilion Telluria in Venice

The Pavilion Telluria

Artists: Vladimir Sorokin, Genia Chef
Curator: Dimitri Ozerkov

Frida Project Foundation is glad to announce the exhibition “Pavilion Telluria” which will take place at Palazzo Corfù in May-June during the 56th Venice Biennale. General partner of the project is the Mikhail Prokhorov Fund. Founded in the late 19th century, the Venice Biennale was conceived as the greatest international competition in fine arts. The participating countries built pavilions in the municipal gardens (the Giardini) where they regularly exhibited their best national achievements in the field of art. The number of participating countries became bigger and bigger and the pavilions spread, first to the district of the Arsenale, and later to the numerous churches and Palazzi over the entire city. These are rented out to the national selection committees every two years. The number of countries in the world is growing. Developing countries attach great importance to realizing a project in Venice, as this gives them the chance to enter the international cultural circuit. At the last Biennale to the surprise of all Angola was awarded the Grand Prix. New participants, including constituent elements of former powers (USSR, Czechoslovakia,Yugoslavia), inevitably lead to an increasing number of national pavilions. The pavilion Telluria is a new pavilion on the multinational map of Venice. It shows the art of the mythical state of that same name, brought to life by the intellectual bestseller Telluria by the Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin. Sorokin himself appears at this show in the new role of a visual artist, while the other participant of the project, the painter Genia Chef, appears in the role of a story teller – the exhibit’s narrator. For the first time in public Sorokin shows fifteen of his new oil paintings, while Chef exhibits a multi-layered narration a calligraphic archive. Normally a country appears before its pavilion at the Biennale. In this case, the pavilion of the mythical state Telluria anticipates its appearance on the geographical world map. According to the novel, the Democratic Republic of Telluria (DRT), located in the Altai mountains, is producer and supplier of nails made from the material tellur. These nails, fashioned for the post-apocalyptic world, are used as a super-narcotic. A group of carpenters travels around a Europe populated by zoomorphic beings, genetically manipulated creatures half-human half-animal. Tellurian nails are beaten into the heads of this European population, pacifying them. Moscow is separated by a wall, islamistic regimes are attacked by new crusaders, the need for gasoline is replaced by potato-fueled motors, while the president of Telluria is skiiing on the fine slopes of the Altai... This project in Venice is the first presentation of the world of Telluria in form of an art show. The exhibition, bearing all the marks of a total installation, will be dedicated to the history and art of the Democratic Republic of Telluria (DRT). The publishing house Corpus will produce a book about the exhibition. It will include a previously unpublished 51st chapter of Sorokin's novel "Telluria."

General partner of the „Pavilion Telluria is the Mikhail Prokhorov Fund

Further partners are the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Gernany in Italy, Otkritie Private Banking, Smart&Bright.

Venue: Palazzo Rocca Contarini Corfù, Dorsoduro 1057/D, 30123 Venice www.palazzorocca.it
Exhibition: May 6 June 4, 2015
Preview: May 6 May 8, 2015
Inauguration, performance: May 7, 16.00
Opening time: Tue Sun, 10.00 18.00

For press inquiries, please contact: Elke Schwab Mob.+49 172 3029122 elkeschwab55@gmx.de