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XI Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair: Science and Culture

Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (XI KRYAKK) for the eleventh time will be held in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia, Russia) over the period from 2 to 6 of November, 2017. The initiator and organizer of this cultural festival is traditionally the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.

The main theme of this year's fair is "Science and Culture".

How do scientific discoveries affect our perception of the world and the idea of ​​a human being? How does the general pool of social metaphors, by which science and culture exchange, develop? What new ethical problems does technological progress bring to the society? Why does the rapprochement of the humanitarian and natural sciences take place at certain historical stages? How does new humanitarian knowledge shape the cultural memory of the past? How does science fiction anticipate scientific discoveries and what is the fate of this genre in the new medial space?

These and many other issues will be discussed within the cultural program of XI KRYAKK.

The focus of the program:

I. Phenomenon of science fiction and fantasy. Participants will discuss the circumstances of the birth of these genres, their complex relationships with scientific thought and their transformation under the influence of new media technologies:

• Journalist Vasily Vladimirsky and literary critic Maria Galina prepared a series of talks about a Soviet fantasy novel, about utopias and dystopias, about the place of science fiction in the hierarchy of literary genres.

• Film critic Vasily Koretsky, screenwriter Julia Idlis and writer Anna Kozlova will participate in a round table to discuss the gloomy image of the future in TV series, where the latest technologies are intertwined with medieval manners.

• Artist Yevgeny Strelkov will give a lecture about film fantasy: how dreams of space flifgts eventually turned fiction into reality.

II. The influence of scientific achievements on the idea of ​​human exclusivity and the boundaries between man and nature, as well as life and death, nature and culture, natural and artificial:

• Philosopher Yuri Saprykin will give a lecture on how mass culture prepares us for the triumph of artificial intelligence, turning man into an algorithm, and how to resist it.

• Anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky will share his thoughts on the biological future of man.

• Scientific journalist Asya Kazantseva will tell about the functions and puzzles of sleep.

III. The problem of fathers and children: youth culture and oldness of the future:

• Linguist Irina Levontina will give a lecture about the transformation of the language used by young generations and concentrate on the phenomenon of teenage and youth slang.

• Anthropologist and folklorist Alexander Arkhipov will analyze the causes of the teenage protest during recent years.

• Israeli artist Sasha Galitsky, who teaches old people to make wood carving, will give a master class on how to communicate with parents, and also present his book "Mama, Do not Grieve".

• The theme of the "third age" will be developed by the Dutch-Danish researcher Ryudi Westendorp, the author of the popular book "Aging, not getting old".

IV. New humanitarian knowledge, exact sciences and cultural memory:

• Philologist and translator Viktor Sonkin will perform a lecture on the end of the division of sciences into natural and humanitarian sciences.

• The historian of architecture Vadim Bass will tell about new concepts of the wartime memorial projects and the Museum of the blockade.

• Historians Yevgeny Anisimov, Kirill Solovijov and Vera Milchina will discuss how to create a new domestic tradition of popular history and to expose the diversity of historical experience, not just the change of rulers and regimes.

• The historian of culture Irina Prokhorova and historian Kirill Kobrin will present a special issue of the magazine "The New Literary Observer" dedicated to slavery as an intellectual heritage and cultural memory.

V. New technologies and system of values

• Journalist Yegor Mostovshchikov and philosopher Kirill Martynov will organize a cross-talk-discussion about the problem of creating high-quality information content in the era of post-truth.

• Literary journalist Alexei Polarinov will deliver a lecture on new ethical issues generated by technological progress (based on the example of the phenomenon of cyberpunk).

• Alexander Kuleshov, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, will discuss the question of whether it is possible in reality to create such a conditions so that robotics couldn’t harm a person.

VI. Science and Fashion

• The annual contest "Dress code: Siberia" is held within the framework of the fair. Particular attention is paid to the development of the "Siberian brand", which is built around traditional practices and innovative approaches. The competition is accompanied by large educational program: lectures of designers, historians and fashion theorists, workshops and discussions.

• English fashion researcher Joe Terni will present her culturological book "The art of knitting" and will also give a lecture.

• The writer and journalist Linor Goralik in her lecture will highlight the violation of costume standards in the design of knitted things as a way to overcome the idea of ​​them as a conservative kind of clothing.

At KRYAKK there will be also lots of meetings with contemporary Russian and foreign writers, among them:

• author of the bestseller "Zakhoc" Vladimir Medvedev,

• author of the novel "F20" Anna Kozlova,

• prose writer ("Patriot"), screenwriter ("Viking") Andrei Rubanov,

• author of the novel "The City of Brezhnev" Shamil Idiatullin,

• English doctor, traveler, writer Gavin Francis,

• Norwegian writer Andreas Tiernshaugen.

Traditionally, the public debate will be held in the framework of the fair of the literary prize "NOS" (Modern Russian Literature), as a result of which the short-list of the prize will be formed. This year, the jury, chaired by theatre director Konstantin Bogomolov, included in the long list the maximum number of nominees: a short list of "new literature" is to choose from 20 books.

The children's scientific fights (partnership project with the Information Center for Atomic Energy), the finale of Russian poetic slam in the Museum Centre "Peace Square" and the Vladivostok show "Brodsky's Cat" (the participants of which will compete in the retelling of the books they read) will continue the line of verbal fights.

The extensive children's program includes presentations, meetings, workshops, master classes, quests and various games with the participation of 30 special guests - writers, scientists, popularizers of science, artists and publishers from Russia, as well as Sweden, the Czech Republic, Switzerland , Norway, Iceland, Finland and the Netherlands.

Within the framework of the professional program of KRYAKK 2017, a seminar "Libraries and museums as a knowledge laboratory" will be held for specialists from libraries, museums and the sphere of education. The seminar will focus on libraries and museums as the most important areas for experiments and discussions in the field of exact and natural sciences, engineering and technology, urban studies, civil and entrepreneurial activity, philosophy, sociology, local history and the life of civil society, etc. The seminar will focus on a tangible and intangible heritage and public memory.

Multimedia exhibition program includes more than 30 projects, among them:

• Interactive exhibition of Mexican artist Tani Candiani "Codes. Signs. Sounds. ", consisting of reconstructed musical instruments and objects of sound reproducing equipment. They not only unite technologies in one subject, but expand the boundaries of listening experience, destroy the primitiveness of the standard functionality of devices.

• Exhibition of scientific photography "Life under the microscope / Maximum approximation". The exhibition presents works in the field of scientific photos of the nominees of the Wellcome Image Awards - an annual international award for photos created by scientists, artists and photographers from around the world in the process of research and experiments. This competition brings together from all over the world the most interesting scientific photos, revealing the secrets of matter.

• Installation of the artist Dmitry Tsvetkov "Periodic Table of Expressions”. Interactive "scientific" table based on the well-known chemical table of Mendeleev. This is a set of tablets with the words "Smart" and "Silly." Any visitor of the exhibition will be able to build his table of "smart" and "silly" expressions and to write their own words on specially prepared tablets. As a result, a large and vivid periodic table of Russian expressions will be created.

• Demonstrationroom. Virtual exhibition-reconstruction of the abstract cabinet of El Lisitsky (project Goethe-Institute in Novosibirsk and the Higher School of Fine Arts in Braunschweig (Germany). Abstract cabinet - a spatial museum experiment of one of the outstanding representatives of the Russian avant-garde of El Lisitsky (1890-1941). Visitors of the exhibition can move in a special space and with the help of any gadget get acquainted with the Abstract Cabinet and its incredible history.

The theme of science can be also traced in a parallel program:

• On November 2, Alexei Semikhatov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, actor Sergei Epishev and the Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra directed by Vladimir Lande will present a multimedia production of "Icarus at the Edge of Time" - a modern reading of the ancient legend created by physicist Brian Green, one of the most famous composers of the present Philip Glass and the duo of video artists Al and Al.

• On November 3, musician Pyotr Aidu will present an experimental composition "Sound Landscapes" at the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater. This symphony is a mystery in four parts, which is performed on a variety of noise apparatus, musical instruments and various sound devices that are combined to create "sound pictures".

• The Russian National Orchestra will present Symphony No. 13 ("Babi Yar" on the words of Yevgeny Yevtushenko, whose memory is dedicated to the concert) by D. Shostakovich. Guests of Krasnoyarsk will be the world-famous conductor Kirill Karabits, a young pianist - virtuoso Dmitry Shishkin and basso Nikolai Didenko.

• The International Film Festival about science and technology 360 ° will perform their popular movies in the "House of Cinema".

The Government of Krasnoyarsk region and the Administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk are committed partners of the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair.

Always up-to-date information about the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair is on the website and in the social networks of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation: https://vk.com/kryakk, https://www.facebook.com/prokhorovfund/ and https://www.instagram.com /.