The New Role of Libraries in Education

Year 2010

Project description

The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation (The Charitable Foundation for Cultural Initiatives) announces an open charitable competition for the financing of socio-cultural projects in libraries. The primary concern of this competition are projects aimed at supporting education, education programs, and specific study courses.


· to encourage the development of project activities in libraries whose work supports education in both formal and informal ways – to broaden the spectrum of high-quality opportunities in the sphere of educational services

to identify and attract resources for libraries in the region of the preparation and running of joint (partner) programs aimed at raising the level of education in the region and the quality of life of its inhabitants

to improve the social status and perception of libraries. To promote the best examples of well-handled positioning of libraries as a vital component in the advancement of knowledge-based modern society


the ability of the libraries to make good, informed choices of partners for their projects, and understand their abilities and needs

the ability to identify not merely general, but tightly-specific educational niches for their project work

a clear understanding of their functional catchment group projects cannot be simply addressed as 'open to all'

the ability to link the project with current educational needs if it is directed towards support for formal education. Confirmation of the potential need from the specific sphere of education is strongly desirable

a clear understanding of how the project might positively promote a qualitative improvement in the level of ability of the targetted groups if the project is directed at non-formal education

an understanding of the existence of supply and demand, along with a listing of the existing competitors and competitive advantages in the sphere of education

the possibility of replicating or reproducing the project as a template model for other projects

ongoing financial viability for the project, without the need for continuous bailout funding

The partner networks which gain support will be those which, as a result,

can expand the range of education services they offer

offer users access to remote and distributed resources

display an efficient use of shared resources, avoid duplication, and make effective use of partner resources.


the relevance of the project

the deployment of innovative approaches

the accessibility and relevance of the project's results

the social significance and effectiveness for the target audience of the project

correct budgeting of the necessary funds for the project, and proper administrative and financial management of the project