The Karamzin Scholarships

Year 2010

Project description

This is a joint project between the Foundation and the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration of the President of Russia (RANEPAPR). It aims to encourage young Russian academics to take part in academic research work field of the humanities connected with issues that will receive international academic consideration. The project offers scholarship funding for collective academic projects at the Centre of Humanitarian Studies at RANEPAPR.

The list of projects in which scholarship recipients can take part is compiled by the Centre of Humanitarian Studies, in collaboration with the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, and is approved by the Senate of RANEPAPR.

The scholarships are intended for young researchers – holders of Doctoral diplomas, who are preparing books for publication, or for postgraduates who are preparing their doctoral dissertations.

Maximum age for recipients – 40.

The rights to works which are written under Karamzin Scholarships – with the exception of works that are deemed to come under the accountability due to the scholarship – remain the scholar's intellectual property.