Seminar - “The New Role of Libraries in Education”

Year 2010

Project description

At the end of March, and the beginning of April an analytical project seminar will be presented, titled “The New Role of Libraries in Education”, for library staff in the Siberian, Urals and Far-Eastern geographic Federal divisions of Russia.

This seminar aims to increase the project activity of libraries, in connection with the New Role of Libraries in Education competition, which is being held by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation. The event will be presenting the most interesting and innovative trends in the work of libraries, and bring the ideas of potential competition entrants up to the level of project work. Over the course of three days, library staffers and educationalists from Krasnoyarsk Province will not only hear talks and lectures on the topic of project work in libraries, but also take part in business games and master-classes.

“Project work doesn't just mean the deployment of technology. We'll be helping the participants to take their projects up to a stage where they clearly reflect their intentions and ideas” says Olga Sinitsyna, who who will be leading the seminar.

“The format of the analytical project seminar will enable a good level of the project's concept among the potential project participants, and show what libraries can really offer in the sphere of education, both at the sphere of Russian and international projects. The seminar will stoke the creative imagination, check over the design of the projects and test them out on audiences, hone skills of working with groups, and the public presentation of projects. To put it simply – we're going to take the participants to a new and higher level of quality.”

The seminar program consists of project reports, lectures on project design, master-classes and roleplaying games to develop communication skills. The participants will be working both in groups and individually with one of the coordinators. The list of coordinators includes: O.Sinitsyna - Deputy General Director of the Russian State Library for Foreign Literature; A Artamonov - Deputy Dean of the Faculty "Managing Social Projects" of the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences; I Shcherbakov - Executive Director of the Association of Cultural Managers and E Lerman - Head of International Cooperation Department of the Moscow Region Children's Library - a journalist, and director of the Academy "Civil Society."

All of the participants in the seminar will receive certificates about their increased professional development, as part of the framework program of ongoing professional education.

Participation in the seminar conveys no guarantee of success in the competition.

In 2014 the analytical project seminar “The New Role Of Libraries in Education” will be changing its “address”. Whereas the earlier seminars were held in Krasnoyarsk and Voronezh, then this year the locations for the seminars will be Ekaterinburg and Belgorod. The Ekaterinburg seminar will be held until 20th March, while the dates for the Belgorod seminar are 24th to 27th March 2014.