Siberia DOC Festival

Year 2010

Project description

The SiberiaDOC Festival is a mobile event featuring director-driven documentary film-making made in Siberia. During each year the festival is shown at a number of cities located in the Siberian Federal Zone. The programming of the SiberiaDOC Film Festival consists exclusively of movie-making by directors from the CIS countries, or about the CIS countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. Today we are all becoming more and more distant from each other. Ignorance and misunderstanding are the frequent causes of international conflict. The medium of cinema can help in inaugurating the first steps towards dialogue.

The choice of films selected for showing in the SiberiaDOC Festival is based on the concept of 'creative documentary'. These are films which are interesting from the stylistic viewpoint, which display a clearly articulated director's concept, and individuality. Here the director is also an artist, rather than a journalist. While watching the films the viewer doesn't see concrete reality, but instead sees reality as the director views it. This mobile festival is an attempt to bring movie-making closer to audiences, and show documentary films in even the most outlying regions of the Siberian Federal Zone.